Not Adoptable.

These are all dolls that I've adopted from other sites. If you like them go to the sites creator and adopt them there.

Pixie Wildflower
An owl icon by PIxie. Isn't it the coolest thing?

A gorgeous mermaid by my sister Kerstin. A true masterpiece. We both made a base put of the same pose for a challenge and I think we both had the same idea for a mermaid but she beat me to it with very lovely results.

A super-cool vampire by Lilacblizzard.

Lembas Dolls

Pixel Daydream

I've wasted a lot of time in Autumn Pixels just looking at the details and the shading of the dolls. This doll is one of those I fell in love with in the process.This is one of those dolls that I'm just in awe at how beautiful the robe is. I just can't imagine how long it took to achieve that look.

Data from TNG. My favorite TNG character.Jean LucTroy
I'm a big fan of TNG so i had to have these. The three above are my favorite characters.

There are so many dolls by Laurie I love but this one is just so magical. And it's a fairy! I love fairies.

Just an awesome collection of Leias by Aurie Rylla.

Legolas. My favorite character from the TLOTR books.

I fell in love with this doll the moment I saw her. She is simply spectacular. A definite masterpiece for Cha.