Other Fantasy Dolls
These are dolls that don't go in any of the other fantasy categories.

On my Bases

Made for a water goddess contest in MD.
A doll inspired by Maria van Bruggen's work.
Doll inspired on the art of Maria van Bruggen. Click on the doll to visit her site.

An avatar I made for myself on one of my Ava bases for the Sci Fi theme in GV.
A doll I made for a contest entry. Inspired on some paperdolls. She's a Fairy Godmother of sorts without wings.
One of my older dolls. Made on a Sailer Moon inspired base.

On other Bases

Made for a base edit contest.

Made for the June 2005 Sig Challenge in Camelot.

A just because doll. I was trying a new technique for the hair.
Made for a GV base edit challenge. I really, really, really love this doll. The hair not so much but I'm proud of the dress.

This was a scene I put together for a kite chalenge I think. I really like it, especially the shading of the cloud.

This little alien fairy was made as an example for one of the first contests I held in my site. The base is by Anaesthetic but the link I have for her doesn't work anymore.
This doll I made for a contest in Solace's site. I was so proud of her. It was the first time I made complicated folds. The alien bases are by Xandorra.