Historical Dolls
Not necessarily historically accurate but I don't know where else to place them.

On my Bases

I'm very proud of these folds. So proud I actually used this doll to write a tutorial. She has weird looking hair doesn't she?
A doll made for a challenge in GV. I love this dress.
The doll made for the GV's Cotillion.
A doll made for GV's 20's sock hop.

This was my first ever contest entry. She didn't win anything but I am so proud of her.

On other Bases
Made for a 50's fashion/pallette challenge in Camelot.
these dolls were made for a contest in GV. I really love how this scene came out.
Made for a Sakespeare contest.
The link I have for this base doesn't work any longer so if you know the base creator's site please let me know so I can add credit for it. This doll was made for the first ever GV challenge. it's still one of my favorites. All the props ar by me and you can get them in the Props page.
The doll made for GV's Medieval Ball.
thsi doll was made for a challenge in Mg where we had to doll up a figurine. I think she is so cute with her big hat.
This little doll was made for a contest in my sis Jan's site. She's simple but I think she's so cute.A little doll made for a "Dolls of the prairy" contest in my sis Shelby's site.
Thsi doll was made for a contest in Solace's site.