Older Layouts of the Site

October 17, 2003: Site opened. This was my first very simple layout put together the day after I took an online tutorial on html. Completely coded in Notepad. I was so excited to learn html and to be able to put up a website. It still brings a smile to my face to see it even though it was only up for about a month.

This was my second layout. It was inspired on the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I still love it. probably one of my favorites.

An updated version of the layout above for the holidays.

I was never really crazy about this layout except that I liked the clean look of the blues and yellows. I was trying to keep the Old San Juan theme but adding the dolls to it.

I loved, loved, loved, loved this layout so much. This was the first time I used CSS and I was just crazy about the colors. I took it down just because I got bored and I wanted something that was easier to update without changing to much. I had 5 sisters at this stage.

A slight change in the way things were organized and especially in colors used. I stuck with this layout for a while and I loved it but ended up changing because it was hard to update.

Similar to the previous but updated for the holidays. I was in a pink and green mood at the time. The pink was a little too Pepto-Bismol-like.

This was probably my favorite layout ever. In my opinion my most professional looking one. I still love to just look at it. I ended up changing it to change to frames instead of tables to help the pages load faster.

The first frame layout the site had. I was in a gothic mood at the time. It's also the first time I used my favorite colors (red and black) in a layout for the site and the first time I used someone else's base on a Mazzy's Dolls layout (Doll is on Lilacblizzard's base)

A blue and purple layout because I got tired of the red and black. Not my favorite layout. Cut up and coded by my sis Nocturnica.

Other Layouts I've Made

A Halloween layout made for my sister Blue Mel.

A layout made for Phoenix as a gift.

Just playing around with colors and laying things out differently. I never used this layout.

Same as above. Base of doll by Kristin Dawn.

First frames layout I ever coded to learn how to do it (not that I know how to do it). Used one of the templates by Kristin Dawn.