Made for a base edit in Country Retreat.Made to use my sis Sechmet's curvy base. I called this one "Night Magic". Looks like it's floating but that wans't my intention.
A doll made for a pixel shading challenge in Camelot.
I love this doll. I think the stockings came out very cool and I love the reading frog. This dolls was made as a halloween gift for my sisters. My own base.
made for one of the first challenges held in GV when it first opened. One of my favorite dolls.
Made for a base edit in GV.

The Red Woman. A character from a  George RR Martin book. My own base.
This doll was made for a base edit in MBladez's site. This is one of my older dolls.


An entry for a base edit in Jersey's site.
This one was made for the first challenge I participated in when I joined UG. It's one of my older dolls. My own base.


this doll was amde for the GV's Sultan's Ball during the Arabian Nights theme. My own base.