May 5th, 2007:
I'm back! This is my first update in 1 year and 2 months (last update was on March 5, 2006. Took a little break from dolling during pregnancy and after the birth of my son. Just recently decided to get back to dolling so I've made a simple new layout to start the site again because I didn't like the old one. My domain name is gone for now until Ii decide what I  want to do. So are my bases, props, outlines, tag and some of the tutorials since I wanted to simplify. I have added two new dolls, one is an oldie I made for a challenge in the forum Mystical Dreams when it was still open and the second one is my first doll in a long, long time and my new avatar for the forum Ship of Dreams. I have also added a beautiful fairy my sister Jersey surprised me with. Thanks Jersey!

New Dolls
A new avatar for the forum Ship of Dreams.
Calamity Jane, an older doll I hadn't added before but a favorite of mine.

New  Gifts
A beautiful fairy from my sis Jersey.