On my bases

Inspired on the art of Selina Fenech.
Contest entry for a Princess of Atlantist contest.
This doll was made for a GV challenge. A base edit of my reading base. This is and forever will be one of my favorites. I'm still so, so proud of her.
A randome mermaid.Another random mermaid.
One of my first contest entries. I was quite proud of her. It got second place.

On other bases

A geisha mermaid. Inspired by GV's asian theme. Lantern outline by my sis Sechmet.
Sahne. A character from the video game Summon Night. Made for a picture inspired contest.Made for a base edit contest.
This mermaid was made for a Gv challenge. I actually love how the fin turned out and I like this doll. This is one of my favorites bases by my sis Starlet.

This doll i made playing around with this base by Lilac Blizzard. I made one for each of my siters at the time.