Installing RedHat 7.3 on an IBM ThinkPad R31

Disclaimer: I work for IBM and get their products at a discount. (Pretty much anybody who knows an IBM employee or someone in an IBM employee's family can get the same discount, however.) Nevertheless, I think Thinkpads have the best keyboard available and I really love the trackpoint pointing device, so I'd be willing to pay a reasonable premium if necessary.

The machine

The Windows XP preload

Diary of Initial Experiments

I succeed in getting Fn+F12 (hibernate) to work

My ultimate target is Linux with support for all the installed hardware (including USB and IRDa), plus a working modem, with Win2K installed as a guest under VMWare, all working as well as things were on my Thinkpad 600X. I will add to this site as I get more pieces of the puzzle assembled. Someday I may even run things through a spell checker.

I give up and return the machine to IBM

Other links about Linux and the R31