Elsie L. Hendrickson
Berry, KY USA
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Do you realllly want to know?????? Will I could use something to drink,maybe a snack,Imean what kind of deal is this anyway openhouse will I guess it's OK!!!!!!! the card nut
19:34, November 25, 2000
Cheryl Million
Berry, KY USA
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Rick, You always seem to amaze with me with your extroadinary talents. Keep up the great work.
21:30, November 25, 2000
Paul Hammond
Dry Ridge, KY USA
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Paul's Page
I think I am going to we do my page over.
23:29, November 25, 2000
* You told me about it. *
Best yet. Comes up quick and offers a lot of info which is the name of the game for the net. Just one bit of puzzlement, When did Paris become the countyseat of Harrison County? Being an old Cynthiana High "Bulldog" I take exception to that. By the way, who is in the barrel?
12:29, November 26, 2000
connie frankiln
* Just surfing the web. *
Well, I will have to get used to it but it look real good , I think. and I found it on my own cause I us it quite often . connie
17:7, November 27, 2000
Angela Franklin
Cynthiana, KY USA
* A friend told me about it. *
Pretty impressive for a hometown guy! Still have a lot of it to check out yet, but like what I've seen.
20:46, November 27, 2000
Cynthiana, Ky USA
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Console War
Pretty Neat
9:24, November 29, 2000
Michelle Collier
Altamonte Springs , FL USA
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Pretty nice, now I can keep up with the "big" little town. My work has a web site www.fluidcontrolspec.com, check it out. But I think we need your expertise to redesign it.
18:4, November 29, 2000
connie franklin
cynthiana, KY USA
* You told me about it. *
I love the winter post card. the new page is realy great. keep up the good work.
22:51, December 17, 2000
kim hall
Leon, wv USA
* Just surfing the web. *
20:9, February 8, 2000