Dolls Inspired on Countries

Made for a kimono tutorial for a challenge in GV.
Flamenco dancer made as an example for my Flamenco Dancer contest.

This was one of the first things I made when I joined UG. It was to celebrate your heritage so I made a "taina", an african and a flamenco dancer, to celebrate my Puerto Rican heritage.

A "Bomba y Plena" dancer. "Bomba y Plena" is a dance that originated in Puerto Rico.
This was a scene built to represent a big part of the Christmas season in Puerto rico, the "parrandas".
An asian doll made for a GV challenge.
A Chinese couple. Made for my sister Jersey's "Paper Anniversary" contest. The lamps are made of paper. That's where the paper comes in.
A doll made for the first GV pagenat. I was Miss China and this is the traditional dress doll.
A scene made for a roman contest. The scene in the window is a prop by my sis Sechmet.