Other Dolls

On my Bases

Made for the GV Adult calendar.
Made for a YDF pool party.

My favorite thing about this doll is the couch and the roses.

made for a tutorial contest in my sis Sechmet's site. The tutorial was for the birdhouse and the bird.
A doll made for a layout.Random doll.Made for a mix and match contest in Applegang Dollz.
Made for a layout I never used.
Made for my first layout.
I really like this dress.

On other Bases

Made for a chocolate challenge in Camelot.

Made for the "Christmas Morning" challenge in Apple Kingdom.
Made for an activity in GV. Leaves by my sis Nocturnica.
Made for a punk contest in GV. I like how the hair turned out.
For a challenge in Camelot.
For a burlesque contest. I love this base.
For a mix and match contest. I really like the top.
Made for a base edit contest.
This doll was made for a base edit contest in Solace's site. I still think she's beautiful. I really like how the dress came out on her.
I love this little doll. It was made for a base edit contest.
Made for an MG challenge. I love this doll so much.
Mix and match contest entry.
Made for a Description contest.
For a GV fall challenge.
For a GV challenge.
Another contest entry. My husband loves this one.
Made for a challenge in MG.For a challenge in MG.

Made for a contest in Sharon's site.
Made for a garden contest.
For a GV challenge.For a GV challenge.
It's simple but I like the animation on this one.
I LOVE this one.