Not Adoptable.

These are all dolls that I've made as to represent myself at one time or other. I'm not quite that skinny but I do have the short, straight, dark brown hair; the glasses and the beauty mark.

On my bases

I love this one. this is also one of the first representations I made of myself. As a Kiss fan of course.This oen was for Blondie's sis banner. I'm drinking coffee. I love coffee.Just an av. I kind of like it.I don't look like this. This actually reminds me fo a childhood friend of mine. I still kind of like the avatar.This one was made for Shelby's sis banner.
I amde this one for my green/blue layout. She's one big doll. I don't really look like her but I like it. The shirt says Tesla.
Made for a valentine challenge avatar in camelot. I DO NOT look anything like this.

On other bases

Made for the renaissance theme in Ship of Dreams. My first doll after my hiatus due to maternity.
Made for the Love in Venice theme in MD. MD exclusive base.
Made for March 2006 in MD for out "Irish Mardi Gras" theme. MD exclusive base. Edit by Jersey.
Made for a challenge in Apple Kingdom during February 2006. Base is AK exclusive. Mask outline by Sechmet.My rainbow Tears avatar. Base is RT exclusive.
Made for a poodle skirt challenge in Camelot.Made for a base edit in RT/uniform challenge in Dragon Fire.
My avatar in Dragon Fire.
An avatar made for myself for the "Victorian Christmas" theme in GV, December 2005.
Made for a challenge in Camelot. We had to make an avatar on this base and add a mask to it. I like this one, so I've kept it as my avatar in Camelot.
Masked and Unmasked. Made for the Gv sorority Masked ball.
My most recent avatar. Made to be used at other forums other than GV. I love this base by my sis Kerstin.
These little dolls were made for an activity in GV. It's a before and after of me ina  pool party. I love how the bag of Cheetos and Doritos turned out.
Made for a Hogwarts challenge during GV's July 2005 magic school theme. I took a  little quiz and got assigned to Ravenclaw.Made for a GV t-shirt contest. base is GV exclusive.
This is my representation for the Gv album. The original base is by my sis Starlet but I edited it with her permission to make it look more like me. Kind of looks like me except I'm not skinny.
I love this avatar. I made it for the Arabian Nights theme in GV. Of course I don't look like that. But the jewel in the head took the place of the beauty mark. The base is a GV exclusive.
I made this one for my heritage thingy in UG. It's one of my favorites. I actually have a t-shirt like that.This one was made for MG. I love overalls.this si probably my favorite Mazzy. It was amde on my sis Judee's Kiwi base.A new self portrait made per my sis Noc's request.
Made for a Gv party. I love this one.this oen is a cutie that doesn't really look like me. I made it for a layout I never used. Those are my two kitties.This was the first self portrait I ever made. The base is by Doodledollies but the link I have doesn't work.