|~|Here is how to build a Wireless Wii Sensor Bar for FREE|~|

My brother borrowed my Wii and brought it back without the sensor bar PLUS when I take my Wii over to my Dad's house.
I needed couplers to stretch the Video Cables far enough to hook into his Projector yet still have the sensor bar
on top of his Projection screen.

These problems combined to make me curious about extending the Wii sensor bars cable.

I found a website talking about a Wireless sensor bar. ( ign )
Turns out all the sensor bars cable does is power LEDs inside the Bar.

The Wii Remote uses these Infrared LEDs to figure out its position.

Well I built me one for free and I figured I would explain.

Since I am a Pack Rat I have tons of parts laying around.
I grabbed a whole bunch of old remotes

Crack them apart and you will have circuit boards with Infrared LEDs on the tips.
Simply Desolder the Infrared LEDs off the Circuit Boards
The Infrared LEDs should be Clear and invisible when powered
Some Remotes have both Colored and infrared LEDs so avoid the Colored usually red LEDs
Here are my remotes after I removed the LEDs

You simply wire all the LEDs in series.
Remember LEDs have a Positive and a Negative so make sure you wire them in order
It is best to figure out which is which first since you cannot see infrared light
I found it best to use a 9 Volt Battery and a Voltimeter I would clip the NEG to the LED
and the positive to the Voltimeter I would then take the NEG Voltimeter lead to the opposite
pole of the LED if it shows voltage you are hooking it up correctly and note - & + Poles
(** I know I solder like a Chimpanzee with Tourettes **)

You need something to build it in like a project box I did not have one so I grabbed a cardboard box.

I poked holes with a Pen. If you have something plastic like a project box get a pointed dremel tip and
dremel a hole from behind it will poke and you can push a LED through yet the lip of the LED will keep
it from falling out on the other end.

This is my first mockup. I am thinking of something cool to build it in. When I do I will add a Switch and
a colored LED so I will know weather it is on or not. A 9V Battery should power it for 25-40 Hours I think.
Here is a diagram of how it should be wired.
I do no know how to make a schematic either.
(**Remember Kids I learned how to do things watching MacGyver as a child**)

Here is my son Playing with Gen II (I basically put it in a smaller box. )
My mom gave me an old necklace box and it is nice and small
It's still however a Box.
If anyone can think of something cool and everyday available drop me an eMail.
For example those MP3 players built into Altoids tins. I am trying to think of something
sturdier than a Box yet small and slim and available on the cheap ala MAKE magazine

If anyone creates a cool wireless sensor bar,email me some pics.
I will post them with your name as it would be cool to see other peoples creations
I am also interested in seeing what people might build it inside of!
Or if someone has found this site useful email me so I know that I have made a difference (CUE VIOLINS)

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Special Thanks to My pops he doesn't know it but I am using his webspace. THANKS
Jay Hamilton

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