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The People Behind The Last Little Polar Bear


The Author: Timothy Foresman , PhD

As a young boy, I met the explorer Captain Jacque-Yves Cousteau at the Smithsonian Institution. He inspired me to study nature and become a scientist. Cousteau helped many of us to understand the wonders of nature and the sea and our important role in helping to preserve Earth’s bounty.

In my travels to Norway, I was fascinated by the tales of the Polar explorers from Europe, including Nansen and Shackleton, both of whom were humbled and amazed by how well the Inuits have lived in ecological harmony above the Arctic Circle for thousands of years.

Dr. Bob Corell provided me with the latest information on explorations and studies resulting from his role in leading the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Report for the eight polar nations. His marvelous descriptions of learning what is really going on with climate change from the indigenous peoples has kept me fascinated.

Joe Skopek provided the catalytic justification for this book by his passionate discussion one evening when we were working on web materials for polar education. He gave me permission to use his ideas to create this book as a positive learning experience for the next generation, who will be facing the realities of vast global changes on our planet.

Many young people helped me with their impressions after reading the early drafts of the book, including William Scott, Rachel Aron, Henry Leadbeater, and Sam Francis. Myrna Yoo, my publisher at Blueline Publishing and young Udo were also extremely helpful in making this project a success. My wife, Joyce, and friends Laura Lee Cundiff (who kept me motivated with inspiring illustrations) and Tom Herrick were likewise extremely supportive.

This book is dedicated to the next generation of explorers, scientists, and citizens for whom this book and the Global Change Adventure Series are written so that they can learn to love and preserve the wonders of this Earth.

The Illustrator: Laura Lee Cundiff

Laura Lee Cundiff is a fine artist, illustrator and designer. In the 1980’s, after graduating from Pratt Institute, she freelanced illustration in NYC for several years, illustrating two young adult books for Ariel Books/Kipling Press: Geronimo by Russell Shorto, and Beatrix Potter by Peter Durwood; and illustrating or designing for Disney Company Licensees, Just 4 Kids, the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexmark International, the New York Daily News, Slosson Educational Publishing, the Village Voice, Warner Brothers Licensing Offices, and others.

She currently works as an Internet Marketing Manager and designer, and frequently illustrates fine letterpress books with wood engravings or line drawings, including The Guesthouse, The Good Life, and Gardencourt by Frederick Smock; A Simple Human Motion, by Jeff Worley; and In the Country of Morning Calm, by Richard Taylor, all published by Larkspur Press. She also illustrated Amish Economy by Wendell Berry for Adela Press; and Divine Right’s Trip, by Gurney Norman and Snakehunter, by Chuck Kinder, for Gnomon Press.

The Publisher: Myrna Yoo, Blueline Publishing LLC

Blueline Publishing is an independent book and magazine publisher with national expertise, committed to sustainability and integrity. Our focus is primarily on projects that are socially conscious and on topics relating to climate change, energy and the environment. The books are marketed within Blueline Publishing magazines to those appropriate targeted audiences.

Blueline Publishing is owned by Myrna James Yoo, who brings in a team of nationally-experienced and accomplished professionals from all areas of publishing according to each client's needs.

The Last Little Polar Bear
The book is a fully illustrated 64-page, hardcover book.
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Dr. Timothy Foresman
Laura Lee Cundiff
Myrna Yoo, Blueline Publishing

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