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What People Are Saying About The Last Little Polar Bear


“Reading this story to my son, it transported both of us to the extraordinary Arctic environs. This is a tale that promotes awareness of the global challenges we face through the wonderment of a child’s eyes.”

-- The Planetwalker and United Nations Environmental Ambassador, Dr. John Francis

“I want to thank the authors of this educational and very well-written book, which sheds light on northern contaminant issues. The native peoples in Alaska have been observing the effects of contaminants in our food chain and the impacts of global climate change as we live off the land. We have seen abnormalities and anomalies in the salmon, and the moose and have heard reports of impacts to the caribou as well. We must all work together for a healthy future for the generations to come. The work ahead begins with the education of our youth.”

-- Chief Peter M. Captain Sr., Chairman of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council

“This piece of work provides a good example of how the culture and lifeways of native people are impacted by environmental changes to their landscapes and their communities. But, more importantly, the book highlights the importance and relevance of native knowledge and wisdom that still needs to be shared with the world to address these important problems.”

-- James Rattling Leaf, Sinte Gleska University

“This book is a brilliant conveyance to engage our youth into the compelling learning experience about science issues now being discovered that are forging the fate of both polar bears and the polar environments.”

-- Robert W. Corell, Chairman, Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

“I liked the way it had different language and all different facts about pollution... but it’s also about a polar bear who is lost and two kids find him and love to play with him.”

-- Henry L., age 10

“I liked the detail. I liked how you were able to visualize the scene. There’s a word that describes a story that sometimes is sad but can be happy and cute. This is it!”

-- Rachel L., age 10


The Last Little Polar Bear
The book is a fully illustrated 64-page, hardcover book.
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